Campus Grounds 1

Thank you for visiting the City of Pembroke Pines Online Application System!

The City of Pembroke Pines runs two charter school systems at five campuses. The two schools systems, Pembroke Pines – FSU and the Pembroke Pines – Broward County Schools, have different selection criteria but a single application per student will be considered for both systems and all campuses.

The campuses are:

  • Academic Village – 172nd Avenue and Sheridan Street
  • Central Campus – Sheridan Street and Flamingo Road
  • East Campus – 109th Avenue and Pembroke Road 
  • West Campus – 184th Avenue and Pembroke Road 
  • FSU Campus – 172nd Avenue and SW 6th Street 

Elementary schools are located at the East, Central, West, and FSU campuses.

East and Central elementary graduates attend the Central Campus for middle school.

West and FSU Campus elementary graduates attend the West Campus for middle school.

The Academic Village middle school is filled by lottery.

All middle school graduates attend high school at the Academic Village campus.
System Mission

It is our mission to prepare students to succeed in a global society by providing a personalized and rigorous curriculum through excellence in teaching.