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  • New Lottery Application – New lottery applicant is anyone not currently on any of the Pembroke Pines Charter Schools (PPCS) wait lists.
  • Resubmit Lottery Application – Applicants that are/were on last year’s waiting list just need to resubmit their lottery application.  Resubmission is required to confirm your continuing interest in the PPCS System, keep your seniority, and to update contact information.  If you do not resubmit you will be dropped out of the lottery completely.
  • Re-enrollment Application – Current students are required to state their intention of returning or not and update their contact information. A re-enrollment application is required regardless of a reassignment request. 
  • Reassignment Application – Current students wanting to attend a different campus other than the assigned campus for the following school year. A reason for reassignment must be provided and there is no guarantee that an application for reassignment will be granted. All students will remain in their originally assigned campus until a seat is offered via email. A re-enrollment application is required regardless of a reassignment request.
  • Enrollment Application – A parent must sign into their lottery application account to accept or decline an offered seat within 2 days or your seat will be forfeited and offered to the next applicant on the waiting list. Upon accepting a seat, the applicant will automatically be started in the enrollment process.  The online enrollment process must be completed within 5 days otherwise your seat may be forfeited.
  • Wait List – This is a list of lottery applicants currently waiting to enter the PPCS system. These applicants will be offered a seat via email when one becomes available. Wait list applicants must resubmit each year to stay in the lottery pool and maintain their seniority.
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    Re-Enrollment Process

    All students currently enrolled MUST re-enroll and update contact information. The Q&A below describes the re-enrollment process.

    Q. How do I re-enroll my child for the new school year?
    A. If your child is currently enrolled in a Pembroke Pines Charter School you are required to re-enroll your child(ren) each year. You can do this online at www.pinescharter.net and click on the "Re-Enroll" link toward the bottom left of your screen. From here, follow the instructions to begin the re-enrollment process for your existing student. 

    Q. I have created an account and attempted to look up my existing student by entering my child’s first and last name, but I receive an error saying that my student's record cannot be found, what do I do?

    A. Contact your child’s school to make sure that the information that you are entering for your child is exactly what the school has on file.

    Q. Do I have to provide anything as part of my re-enrollment form?

    A. Currently, enrolled students do not need to provide supporting documentation UNLESS your address has changed. During the re-enrollment process, you will be asked if your address has changed. If you answer yes, you will be prompted to upload 2 proofs of residency. If you do not have a way to upload these documents you can bring these documents into your child's school.  The proof of residency must be in the name of the parent/guardian of the applicant. Proof of residency can be any of the following: CURRENT water bill, electric bill, gas bill, drivers license, mortgage statement, purchase agreement or notarized rental agreement.

    The Online Lottery Application Process

    Q. I am new to the Pembroke Pines Charter School process, how do I submit a lottery application?
    A. In order to be considered for the lottery, you must first submit a lottery application. You can do this online by clicking on the "Apply Now"  link in the left column of your screen. From here you will be prompted to create an account entering your First and Last Name, Email address and creating a password of your choice. Once your account is created, you will be forwarded through a multi-step lottery application process. A separate lottery application must be submitted for each child you wish to be included in the lottery. 

    Q. I still don’t see my child’s original lottery application. What now?

    A. Contact your child’s school and provide them with your email address that was entered as part of your previous lottery application. Do not start a new lottery application otherwise, you will lose your seniority on the wait list.

    Q. I no longer use the email address on my child(ren)'s original lottery application. What now?

    A. If you no longer have access to the email on the original lottery application, then contact the school registrar so they may verify the required info and update your email address. Once the registrar updates your lottery application account with your new email address and you login with the updated email address, your child(ren) will appear on your online parent dashboard.


    Lottery Application Process

    Q. How are students selected for the lottery?

    A. All eligible lottery applications submitted by the lottery application deadline will be entered into the lottery. Students are selected based on pre-defined criteria.  Learn more about the admissions process.

    Q. If I decline an offered seat can I remain on the lottery for the next school year?                                                      

    A. Yes, to remain on the lottery for the next school year you MUST resubmit your application during the next open lottery. 

    Q. I am already on the wait list so why do I have to resubmit my lottery application each year?                                              

    A.  All lottery applicants are required to resubmit every year to remain on the wait list and to maintain their seniority. This allows you to review and update your application and tells us that you are still interested in the City of Pembroke Pines Charter Schools. If you do not resubmit then your application is automatically removed from the wait list and your past seniority will not carry over if in the future you decide to reapply


    General Questions

    Q. How long does it take to complete the online lottery application process?
A. Typically, the process should take from 10-20 minutes. 

    Q. What if I do not have access to a computer?
A. If you do not have internet and email service, please contact the school  to make arrangements to apply in person. Parents are responsible for ensuring information submitted to the lottery application is accurate and up to date. 

    Q. Once I've submitted the lottery application electronically, how will I know that the submission is successful?
A. Once the lottery application is submitted online, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided when you created the online lottery application account.

    Q. Should I allow anyone else to use my account?
A. It is the user's responsibility to protect the integrity of any information entered in the system. This includes but is not limited to passwords or personal information about you or your child. You must also agree not to share your login information or password with anyone except a parent or legal guardian.

    Q. My online account has been disabled because I've attempted to login too many times. Should I set up another account?
    A. No. Please contact the school registrar to assist you.


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