Please read the information below before beginning the application process.


New or resubmitted lottery applications close on March 10th (11:59 pm).

Re-enrollment closes on March 10th (11:59 pm).

Reassignment applications close on February 10th (11:59 pm).

Eligible Residents: Student must reside within the State of Florida to apply for all programs.

Reassignment Applications: If you are currently attending a Pembroke Pines Charter School you must submit this Reassignment application. Once you submit the Student Information Step noting that you are currently attending a Pembroke Pines Charter School, the system will automatically detect that and you will be listed as a reassignment student. REASSIGNMENT APPLICANTS ARE STILL REQUIRED TO COMPLETE THE RE-ENROLLMENT APPLICATION!

Submission of this application alone does not guarantee selection or admission.

Details of the admissions process are available here:

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